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I had a nose job. Was so scared before but Medassist team calmed me down and found the best doctor.
Arif, 32
Istanbul was amazing. Went there for hair transplant. There was no pain at all and had the chance to travel the city at the same time.
Khalil, 42
Medassist was amazing! They welcomed me at the airport and took care of me throughout the whole journey.
Emila, 27
I was so nervous because having obesity surgery is really dangerous. But the hospital, doctors and whole Medassist team was extremely helpful.
Aisha, 37
You can trust Medassist with your all your hearth. I used to hate the way I look. Now, I just love myself.
Elife, 33
They welcomed me at the airport with a really nice car. So professional and well organized.
Ali, 38
I started gaining weight when I was a teenager. After some point, I couldn’t stop eating. Every day I sat at home and ate. I didn’t want to see my friends, I didn’t want to meet new people, and I didn’t want to go to school or work. Then I started having problems with my body due to obesity. I had shortness of breath, I had diabetes and I had constant pain at my legs. My doctors told me I should lose weight but even though I tried different things, I couldn’t. MedAssist helped me find a good doctor, took care of every need I had at the hospital, even helped me with my medication and during my recovery period. I was afraid to have such a surgery but I recommend obesity surgery and MedAssist to everyone with weight problems. I feel like I got my life back.
Halil, 30
Summer was my least favorite season because summer meant going to the beaches and wearing bathing suits. My breasts were too small and I didn’t like wearing bikinis. Until I met with MedAssist people and they told me my options about breast enlargement. I had no idea that I had natural looking breast implants so painlessly. Now, my body looks better than ever and I love summer!
Emily, 27
For me, being happy with my body is very important. I follow new trends and have always tried to look my best. Cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics are tools that make us feel better about ourselves. As a person who tries new things, I was surprised at how happy I felt after MedAssist told me and offered me about stem cell treatment for rejuvenation. After my procedure, I felt like my face looked exactly like me but 15 years younger! MedAssist people keep their promise as being your personal medical assistant.
Michalea, 41
My husband and I wanted a big family. We were very excited when we first married but as time passed and our friends started having children when we couldn’t, we became very sad. I didn’t know what to do, because I somehow thought there was something wrong with me. My friend recommended MedAssist, who helped her with a medical problem. I had questions about travelling to Turkey, especially for a private matter which needed both high level of medical expertise and emotional care. My husband and I were very surprised from the moment we got out of the airport. They met us there and from then onwards, MedAssist people were with us all the time. They found the best doctors, best facilities, they wanted us to spend good time in Istanbul and after a long period, I am about to hold my baby in my arms. We are very excited as a family and I can’t thank them enough.
Sylvie, 37
I used to cover my mouth with my hand every time I smiled. I didn’t like the shape and color of my teeth and how I looked when I opened my mouth. I had implants, a Hollywood smile and wonderful looking tooth in 5 days. I spent a total of a week in Istanbul, coordinated and planned by MedAssist and they took care of everything from my dental appointments to accommodation and to transportation. I had a brand new mouth, a Hollywood smile and I actually felt like a Hollywood star during my stay in Istanbul. I recommend MedAssist to everyone who is seeking medical assistance.
Jacob, 46
During pregnancies, I gained a lot of weight. And even though after giving birth I was able to lose weight, parts of my body looked like sagged balloons. I looked fine dressed up but my tummy, my breasts and my arms looked like a 70 year old lady. When I had enough courage, I decided to do something about the way I looked. My husband was very supportive and my kids were happy about a trip to Istanbul! I had arm lifts, breast implants and a tummy tuck. It took us some time to complete all the procedures but now, I feel like my old self again. MedAssist helped me get my confidence back. I am a happier mother and I have MedAssist to thank for. If you are no longer happy with the way you look and you want to change it, MedAssist is the right address.
Jasmine, 36
“Baldness is not a destiny.” MedAssist’s website says this for hair transplantation. There were couple of options to consider for hair transplantation in Turkey but many of them were not done by doctors, they did not answer their phone after the procedure and their services were not good. I had some friends who were not happy with other hair transplantation centers. MedAssist found the best facilities for me, arranged my hotel and transportation, I had people with me at all times and I am very happy with my results. They are correct in saying baldness is not a destiny because with the help of MedAssist, you can really change your destiny.
Talib, 33
Having a long time health problem to deal with is not easy. It is time consuming, hard on your family and friends, not to mention the financials. MedAssist introduced us to professionals that would help us determine a long term treatment plan, they helped us with the diagnosis, during multiple surgery times, they were very serious about our wellbeing and it is thanks to MedAssist that we’re back to our normal lives and I get to spend many years to come with my children.
Matthew, 41
My father had a cataract surgery with new lenses inserted to his both eyes. The whole procedure lasted 15 minutes, he was out of the hospital in 2 hours and he was able to see clearly in the same day. MedAssist helped us from doctor’s appointment to booking the surgery. They were with us during and after the procedure. They helped us finding the best doctor at the best price and now we’ve scheduled another appointment for my mother’s eyes.
Irmak, 34
I met with MedAssist through my friend who had fillers and Botox to her face. She was so happy with the results she couldn’t stop talking about it. I went in just for a consult but ended up having multiple procedures. Now I have a shining skin, no wrinkles and cat eyes!
Anmar, 31
We did not know what to do when we learnt about my mother’s tumor. It was very important to get the right diagnosis, the right treatment plan and timing was crucial. MedAssist acted very quickly, my mother’s surgery was scheduled one day after her initial meeting with the doctors and the whole team did their best for us to feel comfortable. They were with us from the first day and even though cancer treatment is a long road, we felt their presence along the way. MedAssist people take their job very seriously and I can recommend them to anyone seeking medical assistance.
Amire, 27
After having two babies, I was not happy with the way my body looked. MedAssist helped me with doctor consults and they were with me the whole time. Now, with my new breasts and stomach, I feel like my life started over. I can wear whatever I want and I am very happy with the way my body looks. MedAssist was very professional and they are in contact with all the best doctors and hospitals.
Aisha, 38
I had trouble breathing from my nose due to a car accident. My nose was broken when I was 15 but it never fully recovered until I had my procedure in Istanbul. MedAssist helped me found the best doctor and they were with me the whole time I was in Istanbul. Their lovely people even sat with my family during my surgery. They are the best!
Onsia, 42
I was not happy with the way my nose looked when I looked at the mirror. I wanted a change but I wanted it to look natural and fitting to my face as well. MedAssist people took me to best aesthetic clinic in Istanbul where the doctor understood what I wanted and did my nose exactly as I dreamed. Now, I like the person I see at the mirror and I am thankful to MedAssist for understanding what my needs were.
Tracey, 32

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