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MedAssist prioritizes providing the best treatments at the highest service level at the best quality prices. Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and world class service is a must for our offerings. Since we aim to be your life-long medical assistant, we aim a long journey. MedAssist is very selective when choosing our Medical Facility partners and we examine their accreditations and qualifications very thoroughly.

Acıbadem Hospitals

Acıbadem Healthcare Group, whose first hospital was established in 1991, provides healthcare services with its 21 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics, and nearly 22.500 employees including 3.500 doctors and 4.000 nurses.

Acıbadem, with its technology and its infrastructure, provides diagnosis and treatment services at healthcare standards certified with JCI accreditation. In addition to its hospitals and outpatient clinics, the Acıbadem Healthcare Group provides “360-degree” service in every field of medicine.

Acıbadem expands its service coverage by creating new brands with its vision to capture the future of healthcare services today. Beyond just being a healthcare group, Acıbadem has created an integrated healthcare service model with healthcare support services that could set an example to the world.

Memorial Hospitals

Memorial Hospitals have a mission of becoming a world-class brand in healthcare, which follows up the scientific and technological advancements with its distinguished staff without compromising from ethical principles, by making a difference with pioneering practices in the sector with its patient, patient relative and employee satisfaction-oriented service approach complying with the international quality standards.

Memorial is the home of trust in healthcare with its specialist physicians, healthcare staff who combine their knowledge and experience with tender care to the patients, its patient- oriented service approach, quality policy, its diagnosis and treatment facilities equipped with advanced medical technology, its modern spaces and comfortable patient rooms.

MLP Care

MLPCare, formerly known as Medical Park founded in 1993, is strongly proceeding on its way with brands of Liv Hospital, VM Medical Park and Istinye University Hospital. The largest health group in Turkey, also steering the sector, continues operations in 31 hospitals with 6.017 bed space in 17 cities, reaching out from Bursa and Elazığ to Trabzon and Antalya.

MLP hospitals, its affiliates and 16.460 employees working together with the common goal in their headquarters is to dominate the Turkish health sector. With their advanced technological devices, MLP Care’s diagnosis and treatment units as well as accommodation and technology and devices are high quality and meet international standards at their hospitals. Their hospitals operate in line with local and international quality standard documents and certificates, such as JCI accreditation and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.

They value the human; being reliable is their indispensable principle. They make difference with their services. They adhere scientific approach and continuous improvement.

Esthetica Health Group

As part of Ethica Health Group, Esthetica offers its expertise at Ataşehir, Bakırköy and Levent locations with the most advanced technology and latest trends at aesthetics and beauty. Plastic and cosmetics surgery, hair transplant, dermatology, medical aesthetics, dental care and traditional medicine are some of the many services Esthetica offers. With staff and services in 8 languages: English, German, Arabic, Russian, French, Swedish and Flemish, the beauty giants offer an international experience.

Advanced R&D center offers latest developments in medical aesthetics. Esthetica prioritizes working in light of ethical values so highly they took the word ‘ethic’ as part of their name and, aware that offering health services is a serious responsibility, they don’t compromise the principle of “first cause no harm”, the foundation of medical ethics while respecting people’s health and using the correct diagnostic and treatment methods.

Esthetica offers total services according to your requirements.

Estetik International

Estetik International, founded as a superior aesthetic and beauty centre by renowned surgeon Dr. Bulent Cihantimur in 1999, is a medical foundation performing the aesthetic procedures and changes desired by its patients through clinical branches equipped with the latest and best technological apparatuses.

Through significant medical and scientific focus, Dr. Cihantimur and his team at Estetik International have adopted the best practices and skills for achieving perfect results every time.

Estetik International’s professional staff of 150 people consists of those who are experts in their fields, practising their jobs passionately for at least 15 years.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale Hospital was established in 1989 and began to operate as a small and ambitious healthcare institution with 50 beds and an annual capacity of 250 open heart surgeries.

By courtesy of the ever increasing support, confidence and successful work, Florence Nightingale expanded its facilities conforming to international standards and measures to 302 beds, in which more than 2000 open heart surgeries could annually be performed. FN is a healthcare provider with a capacity of 700 beds across four hospitals and two medical centers, including one in London.


Hospitadent Dental Group, founded as a professional and visionary dental care and treatment center in 2006 by a team having 26 years of dentistry experience, is today, the largest and leading dental group providing service in 10 dental hospitals in Turkey and Europe. With its 200 dentists and its staff of 500 people who are experts in their fields, Hospitadent has provided healthier and more aesthetical smiles to more than 2 millions patients in its clinics equipped with the latest and best technological apparatuses.

Besides the effort of increasing and developing the quality of service and staff, Hospitadent has always been in a continuing development for patient satisfaction and has achieved customer satisfaction rate of 95%. People with desire of a new smile has come to Hospitadent hospitals from France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Canada, U.S.A, Switzerland, U.K., Azerbaijan, Iraq, Libya, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.

NB Kadıköy Hastanesi

NBA Kadıköy Hospital; Turkey with Turkish Diabetes and Obesity Diabetes Association Foundation as a not-for-profit hospital was founded with the mission of providing community health services.

Our hospital since 1955, and Turkey with the Turkish Diabetes Association Diabetes and Obesity Foundation’s service flag, our country, our teacher who has made a great effort for the settlement of modern medicine in the treatment of diabetes and obesity Prof. Dr. Nazif Bağrıaçık’s name is given.

Turkish Diabetes Association and Diabetes and Obesity Foundation, along with 62 years of service in the protection of human health journey; NBA Kadıköy Hospital to contribute to medical science serves the global level with the vision. Residential and business center of Istanbul’s Kadikoy, which offers general health services.

DünyaGöz Hospitals

Dünyagöz offers service in all branches of Ophthalmology with its medical staff of over 300 specialists in eye care. Their medical team, diagnosing with their latest technology equipment by listening to your needs, offers the most ethical and state-of-the-art treatment methods in their specialized areas in all branches of eye care.

Initiating its services in 1996, Dünyagöz Hospitals Group brings solutions to all kinds of problems related to ocular and periocular health with hundreds of different treatment methods provided in all eye-related branches using state-of-the-art technologies. Beginning a new era with branch hospital services in Turkey, Dünyagöz Hospitals Group provides its health services both domestically and internationally at a total of 25 different locations with a daily capacity of 8000 outpatients and 1000 surgical operations.


Cosmodent Central Office (Sisli) was established in 1994 and since then provides comprehensive dental care and services in all branches of dentistry under one same roof. With its Institutional structure, internationally standardized hygiene conditions, and experienced medical staff , Cosmodent is at a location easy to reach. For dentisty, every single case has its own character and should be considered individually. Each patient is assessed individually and a specific treatment plan is prepared.

From General Dentistry Procedures such as composite fillings (amalgam-silver fillings are not provided), tooth extractions (simple – surgical – impacted), conventional removable prosthetics and combined precision attachment prosthetics, root canal treatments and crown and bridge prosthetics to Implant Dentistry and Aesthetics; Cosmodent offers a wide range of treatments to individuals.

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I had a nose job. Was so scared before but Medassist team calmed me down and found the best doctor.
Arif, 32
Istanbul was amazing. Went there for hair transplant. There was no pain at all and had the chance to travel the city at the same time.
Khalil, 42
Medassist was amazing! They welcomed me at the airport and took care of me throughout the whole journey.
Emila, 27
I was so nervous because having obesity surgery is really dangerous. But the hospital, doctors and whole Medassist team was extremely helpful.
Aisha, 37
You can trust Medassist with your all your hearth. I used to hate the way I look. Now, I just love myself.
Elife, 33
They welcomed me at the airport with a really nice car. So professional and well organized.
Ali, 38
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