Post Hair Transplant Care

First 3 days:
– Apply ice to forehead and temples (apply it in every 2 hours for 10 minutes). Don’t apply ice
directly to the transplantation area/on the eyelid.
– Don’t enter any sexual intercourse.

First 5 days:
– Don’t drink alcohol (you will be taking antibiotics).
– Don’t smoke.
– Wear the sports band all the time, except applying ice.
– Sleep on your back. You will need a high or double pillow.
– Drink enough water.
– Don’t eat salty food.

First 10 days:
– Don’t engage in heavy body activity. Don’t bend over to the floor. Don’t lift heavy things
from the floor.
– After the last (special washing) day, you can wear a bandana, sports hat.
– After the last day of washing, you can comb your hair.
– After the last day of washing, you should start massage your head, daily, with your fingertips.

First Month:
– Don’t enter any pools, bathhouses, solariums or sauna.
– Protect your head from sunlight.
– After one month, you may apply PRP, Mesotherapy or any other treatment that your doctor
recommends in order to feed your existing hair.
– Do not get a haircut.

First 3 Months:
– Don’t die your hair or use any other chemical applications.
– After 3 months, hair growth period starts. Small rashes may occur, if this happens please
consult your doctor.

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