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Free Yourself from Cataracts! In less than an hour

A cataract is one of the most common medical complaints after a certain age. Even the healthiest eyes develop cataracts which affect life quality in a not-so-pleasant way. As your vision becomes more blurry and the lights become brighter, it is time to see an eye doctor.

If your cataract reaches a stage where it is hard to carry your normal daily routines, you might want to consider having a cataract surgery which is actually very simple, very quick, and has very high success rates.

An eye doctor simply removes your eye lenses and replaces them with artificial ones in less than an hour. There is no staying at the hospital, no pain greater than a bee sting and you can feel the improvement as fast as your eyes are open. The procedure is very common, generally very safe and the only after-surgery treatments are eye drops.

Many patients prefer to have multifocal lens replacements in cataract surgery which frees them from all kinds of eyeglasses. Eye surgeries have become fast and painless with technological developments and robotics use within medical procedures and cataracts is one of them.

If you want to be in the moment, be happy with yourself, create a better version of your body, NOW is the time.

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What can you not do after Eye Surgery?

Eye surgeries are usually painless, quick and does not require full sedation like other surgical operations. The patient usually walks out of the hospital within the same day of the operation and can resume most daily routines.

On the other hand, there are some key points to keep in mind. Most eye surgeries need eye drops that makes vision blurry for a couple of hours. You cannot see clearly and should not be driving. A accompany or a chaperone should be driving or taking you out of the hospital after the procedure. As the patient, you will not be able to see your phone clearly until the effect of the drops wear off and your eyes are rested. Direct exposure to light is not advised so the hospital will provide you with glasses to protect your eyes from bright light. You will be advised to use sunglasses for the following days/weeks to prevent any disturbances.

The blurry vision is common, especially after common procedures like laser surgery or cataract. It takes a couple of days for the eyes to adjust and heal and it is important to use eye drops regularly during that period. Patients should not touch or scratch their eyes, be careful while using shampoo and avoid dust-like particles entering the eye.

After eye surgeries, surgeons expect to see the patients for a follow-up appointment the next day. Your eye surgeon will tell you what is normal and not for your specific eye operation but typically, the vision is cleared within a few hours and the discomfort in the eyes wear off in a couple of days. It is important to keep the eyes clean, not touch the eyes (since they are like open wounds) and rest the eyes – avoid using screen time.

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What is the best age to get Laser Eye Surgery?

The eye is a changing and evolving organ. If a person is far-sighted or near-sighted; their prescription changes over the years. Especially during puberty, the eye glasses used changes more often. There is not a “defined best age” to get laser eye surgery.

Lasik is not approved for people under 18 years in many countries unless there is an emergency. It is most commonly performed between ages 20 and 40 but advised by ophthalmologists after mid-twenties; once the eye prescription is stable for a few years.

There are few determining factors to have laser eye surgery. The cornea of the person should be suitable. The eyes should be in a good condition, not too dry from using too much contact lenses. The eye prescription should not be too low or too high. Your surgeon would inform you about the suitability of your eye but it is a very common procedure with very high success rates.

Key is to wait until your eye stabilizes at a certain degree, preferably 2 years. The second half of twenties are commonly preferred before the eyes start to change around 40. People with older age prefer mono-or-tri focal lenses where a lens is inserted into the eye and frees the patient from all eye-glasses.

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The Best 10 Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in Istanbul

Your eyes are your windows to the world. You wake up and the first thing you do is open your eyes to see. A clear vision is very important for a quality life and with a simple procedure, you can have your perfect sight.

Eye surgery has been one of the leading medical areas Turkish hospitals have excelled. Thousands of incoming patients from Europe and Middle East has been getting eye treatments for years. From laser surgery to cataract, from glaucoma to oculoplasty and bionic eye; any kind of solution is possible at the hands of professional eye surgeons in Istanbul.

After a certain age, eyes are one of the most tired organs in our body. Around 40 years old, our body starts developing hyper myopia; around 60 years old, cataract knocks on our door. Glaucoma causes increasing pressure inside the eyes or we just get tired of using glasses and contact lenses and want to have laser treatment. All of these eye problems have solutions at the hands of highly skilled eye surgeons and with MedAssist, you get the best assistance at finding the right solution.

MedAssist has special agreements with the best eye surgery clinics, the best eye surgeons and internationally recognized hospitals in Istanbul. Our medical consultants offer not only their professional opinion but also are present during your recovery period. You may and will have questions during the after-surgery procedure and MedAssist will be with you 24/7.

We care and we cure. Please contact us to find the best treatment for yourself!

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