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Hair Transplant Techniques and Prices in Turkey 2021

Hair Transplant Techniques and Prices in Turkey 2021

As you know, there are different methods in hair transplant.

The most advanced and common is FUE Hair transplant, where the patient usually receives about 3.500-4.000 grafts that will mean about 9.000 hair strands in a few months. The success rate of FUE Hair transplant is above 90%.

Some doctors and clinics use organic hair transplant method where you also receive live stem cell injections received from your own fat tissue to your scalp. This way, the chance of transplant is higher as well as stronger hair growth.

MedAssist is happy to provide a Special Price List for different Hair Transplant techniques.

You will have a free consultation with your doctor and our team will assist you with your transportation and accommodation too!

Technique Turkey 5 Star Facility Prices
Hair Transplant USD 900
FUE Hair Transplant Starting from USD 1.000
DHI Hair Transplant USD 750
FUT Hair Transplant USD 1.000
Unshaven Hair Transplant USD 1.400
Organic Hair Transplant USD 3.000
Afro Hair Transplant From USD 1.100
Hair Transplant for Females From USD 1.250
Eyebrow Transplantation From USD 500


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