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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover is simply a series of aesthetic surgeries recovering the female body after pregnancy, birth and lactation.

Having a baby is the most wonderful feeling but sometimes your body changes in ways that cannot be recovered with diet and exercise. Most common body changes after becoming a mother are volume loss in the breasts, sagging abdomen and breasts, stretch marks, thicker thighs and fuller waists.

Planning your look with your plastic surgeon and having a better-than-before body is easy with a mommy makeover. Breast augmentation and a breast lift, abdominoplasty to get rid of that excess skin around your waist and liposuction at couple of areas will not only make you happy; but you will also feel rejuvenated.

Mommy makeover surgeries are usually combined and completed in half a day. Patients stay in hospital care are discharged after 2-3 days. The self-confidence boost happens instantly because once the patient is out of the OR, she feels lighter, moved on.

For the best results of a mommy makeover, the age of the patient is also a determining factor. The younger the patient is at the time of surgery, the higher their skin quality and therefore the results will be. It takes about six months for the uterus to contract and another six months for the breasts to shrink after breastfeeding. Once enough time passes and the mother’s weight stabilizes after birth, she can go back to her pre-baby body any time she wants.

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Transgender Top Surgery in Istanbul

Mastectomy, also known as transgender top surgery, is very often the first step for female-to-male transgender patients. There are different techniques performed for starting the transition process towards physical manhood and bilateral mastectomy is the most common one.

In order to have a masculine chest, unwanted breast tissue is removed with milk ducts and excess skin, while the nipples are properly placed and sized. Top surgery is a cosmetic surgery supported with hormone therapy and is very often the beginning of changing the patients’ appearance to become male.

The success rates are remarkably high and top surgery patients are usually very satisfied with the results. This procure is permanent, the actual breast tissue is removed altogether, so the breasts will not grow back in the time of it the patient gains weight.

Patients undergoing transgender top surgery physically recover quickly and their self-esteem improve significantly. There is greater coherence between how you look outside and how you feel inside after the procedure which directly improves patients’ social life. MedAssist works with the best Top Surgeons in Istanbul who are internationally recognized.

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Free Yourself from Cataracts! In less than an hour

A cataract is one of the most common medical complaints after a certain age. Even the healthiest eyes develop cataracts which affect life quality in a not-so-pleasant way. As your vision becomes more blurry and the lights become brighter, it is time to see an eye doctor.

If your cataract reaches a stage where it is hard to carry your normal daily routines, you might want to consider having a cataract surgery which is actually very simple, very quick, and has very high success rates.

An eye doctor simply removes your eye lenses and replaces them with artificial ones in less than an hour. There is no staying at the hospital, no pain greater than a bee sting and you can feel the improvement as fast as your eyes are open. The procedure is very common, generally very safe and the only after-surgery treatments are eye drops.

Many patients prefer to have multifocal lens replacements in cataract surgery which frees them from all kinds of eyeglasses. Eye surgeries have become fast and painless with technological developments and robotics use within medical procedures and cataracts is one of them.

If you want to be in the moment, be happy with yourself, create a better version of your body, NOW is the time.

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Change Does Not Need to Wait

Have you been stuck at home for a year now? Have you decided to prioritize some of the things that you have been holding back? Are you finally ready to make the changes that you’ve always wanted? Now is the time.

In 2020, we all learned how important it is to “be here now”. Be in the moment, be present. We also understood the value of love, freedom and self-content. We now know how important it is to hug someone you love, have a cup of coffee with a friend or watch a movie at a cinema.

Most of us did not have a chance to travel, see new places, meet new people; let alone have a vacation. We postponed everything. We postponed going to places, we postponed exploring, we postponed our lives. But you know what?.. Not everyone did the same.

Do you know for some changes, the perfect conditions occurred during 2020. The transition towards digital education, reading a new book every week, learning to cook a new dish or changing the way your body looks. Did you know that Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries boomed in the past year?

People saw the opportunity to stay at home and have a healthy healing period and made their decisions to change. Think about all the people you saw after quarantine periods and how better they looked! You said, “Wow, you look so good but I cannot tell why!” Well let me tell you why: They had their change that was long overdue. Plastic Surgeries have reached their highest numbers in the past year and are still increasing.

If you want to be in the moment, be happy with yourself, create a better version of your body, NOW is the time.

Unlock your true potential when the rest of the world is under lockdown! Renew yourself and be a new person.

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Hair Transplant Techniques and Prices in Turkey 2021

Hair Transplant Techniques and Prices in Turkey 2021

As you know, there are different methods in hair transplant.

The most advanced and common is FUE Hair transplant, where the patient usually receives about 3.500-4.000 grafts that will mean about 9.000 hair strands in a few months. The success rate of FUE Hair transplant is above 90%.

Some doctors and clinics use organic hair transplant method where you also receive live stem cell injections received from your own fat tissue to your scalp. This way, the chance of transplant is higher as well as stronger hair growth.

MedAssist is happy to provide a Special Price List for different Hair Transplant techniques.

You will have a free consultation with your doctor and our team will assist you with your transportation and accommodation too!

Technique Turkey 5 Star Facility Prices
Hair Transplant USD 900
FUE Hair Transplant Starting from USD 1.000
DHI Hair Transplant USD 750
FUT Hair Transplant USD 1.000
Unshaven Hair Transplant USD 1.400
Organic Hair Transplant USD 3.000
Afro Hair Transplant From USD 1.100
Hair Transplant for Females From USD 1.250
Eyebrow Transplantation From USD 500


Unlock your true potential when the rest of the world is under lockdown! Renew yourself and be a new person.

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What can you not do after Eye Surgery?

Eye surgeries are usually painless, quick and does not require full sedation like other surgical operations. The patient usually walks out of the hospital within the same day of the operation and can resume most daily routines.

On the other hand, there are some key points to keep in mind. Most eye surgeries need eye drops that makes vision blurry for a couple of hours. You cannot see clearly and should not be driving. A accompany or a chaperone should be driving or taking you out of the hospital after the procedure. As the patient, you will not be able to see your phone clearly until the effect of the drops wear off and your eyes are rested. Direct exposure to light is not advised so the hospital will provide you with glasses to protect your eyes from bright light. You will be advised to use sunglasses for the following days/weeks to prevent any disturbances.

The blurry vision is common, especially after common procedures like laser surgery or cataract. It takes a couple of days for the eyes to adjust and heal and it is important to use eye drops regularly during that period. Patients should not touch or scratch their eyes, be careful while using shampoo and avoid dust-like particles entering the eye.

After eye surgeries, surgeons expect to see the patients for a follow-up appointment the next day. Your eye surgeon will tell you what is normal and not for your specific eye operation but typically, the vision is cleared within a few hours and the discomfort in the eyes wear off in a couple of days. It is important to keep the eyes clean, not touch the eyes (since they are like open wounds) and rest the eyes – avoid using screen time.

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What can you not do after Rhinoplasty treatment?

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that the patient undergoes in an operating room, fully sedated. So there are some crucial points one needs to watch out after the operation and in following days. The patients stays usually 1 night at the hospital and since there may be feeling of nausea after the sedation, rhinoplasty patients need to take it slow for a few days after the treatment. Using cold press as much as possible and keeping your head high would help with swelling.

The first week is the hardest period because there may be some bruising and/or swelling after the operation, especially around the eyes. It is advised to plan a light social week after the surgery. The splint is removed within the first week of the surgery so if the patient has no bruising or swelling, there are no visible signs of the surgery but if there are, they are healed after 2 weeks. It is advised still to keep daily activities slow and wait until the end of first month to do cardiovascular activities.

Doctors advise to start wearing glasses after 6-8 weeks, depending on the difficulty level of the rhinoplasty and the nose and cartilage within the bone. The first few weeks after the operation the bones are still settling so it is important not to use heavy eye glasses or blow your nose too hard. The swollen nasal tissues may create an urge to blow your nose but resist that urge as much as possible. A new nose will bring a new appearance, possibly self-confidence and a fresh breath. If the nose is well taken care of after the rhinoplasty treatment, the patient will definitely be more than happy with the result.

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What is the best Obesity Surgery to lose weight?

Obesity is a global health problem and more people are affected by obesity every day. There are multiple number of solutions to obesity but one’s best solution may not be suitable for another. The metabolic components such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, productive problems for young females or knee problems for elders may be defining factors for surgeries.

The first parameter to see if a patient is suitable for obesity surgery is their BMI (body mass index). If your BMI is under 25, you are in “normal weight” limits are not suitable for any kind of obesity surgery. If your BMI is between 26-30, you are “overweight” but advised to lose weight by dietary restrictions and increasing exercise and body movement. BMI 31-35 with metabolic problems mentioned above needs to be considered carefully by a bariatric surgeon IF the patient is found suitable for a surgery. Stomach botox or stomach balloon are most common type of surgeries for this category.

Type 2 Obesity is a category with BMI 36-40 where there is almost no contradiction about the need of a surgery. Again stomach botox or stomach balloon may be suitable depending on many different factors such as gender, age, metabolism, etc… Botox or balloon are usually effective for 6 months and may need a second injection or a removal, so these are temporary solutions with an expiry date.

Patients with BMI 41-50 definitely need operation but stomach botox and/or balloon will not be enough to lose weight. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric by-pass or transit bi-partition operations are some of the surgical solutions for these patients. These are serious surgical procedures which will require a life style change afterwards. Some of these procedures mean the changing of digestive system and how each organ works.

There is NOT a simple best obesity surgery to lose weight. Each person is different and should definitely consult with a professional before making a decision.

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Medical Travel Agency in Istanbul

Turkey has become a medical tourism hub with its excellence in health services. There are internationally recognized and JCI accredited hospitals, excellent clinics and health-care facilities in Istanbul. Preparing a treatment plan for an international patient is very important and detailed. From getting a right diagnosis to finding a right medical facility, from arranging the medical staff to organizing the whole trip to Istanbul; there are different steps.

Medical Travel Agencies in Istanbul does all the planning but of course, some are better than others. As the best medical travel agency with the widest network and the highest service level, MedAssist provides you with a treatment plan, take you from the airport the moment you set foot on Istanbul and take care of the rest. MedAssist works with all the best clinics and hospitals and our medical consultant team operates 7/24. Also, since MedAssist is a certified tourism agency from the government, we offer the best hotel deals and arrange your transportation as part of our health and medical tourism services.

Our call center has professional medical consultants and as you decide to work with us, a specific consultant is assigned to you who will eventually become your best friend in Istanbul. They will become your personal assistant answering any question you may have. Our aim at MedAssist is to become a trusted friend and a qualified organizer because what you need from a medical travel agency is that. They need to be professional and trusted.

By having the widest network of hospitals in Istanbul, MedAssist provides the right treatment plan at the best time with the most affordable prices. And as MedAssist is a certified tourism agency from the government, we offer the best hotel deals and arrange your transportation as part of our health and medical tourism services.

We care and we cure. Please contact us to find the best treatment for yourself!

Medical Tourism Consultant in Istanbul

When you decide to travel abroad or to another country for getting a treatment, you become a medical tourist. There are many reasons to become a medical tourist but the most common ones are:

• If your country of residence does not have the specific treatment you need
• If the treatment you need or want is too expensive or not affordable at your country of residence
• If desired service level at medical treatment facilities are better at alternatives

For Turkey, all boxes check and that is why Turkey is one of the leading countries for medical tourists to seek treatment. Turkey, especially Istanbul has internationally recognized and awarded hospitals with very successful doctors. The technology is very high, robotic treatments are offered, medical staff is very professional and Turkey is very affordable.

From dental implants to IVF, oncologic treatments to cosmetic surgery there are different areas of medicine Istanbul hospitals and clinics are excellent at. When there are so many options and one center is best at one area and the other is better at another medical area, medical tourism consultants become very important.

At MedAssist, we listen to you, understand your needs and direct you to the best hospital or clinic or doctor of your needs. In Istanbul there are very special doctors who are very high skilled and internationally recognized. They specialize in different solutions and you can call them “best” at different areas. MedAssist’s advantage is to know all the clinics and hospitals because our medical consultant team knows how doctors operate, where they are best and how they will help you.

We care and we cure. Please contact us to find the best treatment for yourself!

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