Transgender Top Surgery in Istanbul

Mastectomy, also known as transgender top surgery, is very often the first step for female-to-male transgender patients. There are different techniques performed for starting the transition process towards physical manhood and bilateral mastectomy is the most common one.

In order to have a masculine chest, unwanted breast tissue is removed with milk ducts and excess skin, while the nipples are properly placed and sized. Top surgery is a cosmetic surgery supported with hormone therapy and is very often the beginning of changing the patients’ appearance to become male.

The success rates are remarkably high and top surgery patients are usually very satisfied with the results. This procure is permanent, the actual breast tissue is removed altogether, so the breasts will not grow back in the time of it the patient gains weight.

Patients undergoing transgender top surgery physically recover quickly and their self-esteem improve significantly. There is greater coherence between how you look outside and how you feel inside after the procedure which directly improves patients’ social life. MedAssist works with the best Top Surgeons in Istanbul who are internationally recognized.

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What Is The IVF Process step by step?

1 st day of the cycle: First visit to the doctor. Carrying out required initial tests if that had not been done
earlier. Discussing the treatment plan with the doctor.

2 nd day of the cycle: Start of ovarian stimulation. Blood tests for a woman. Ultrasound.
Between 3d and 14th days of the cycle: Visits to doctor every 2-4 days. Blood tests for a woman.

14th or 15th day of the cycle: Egg retrieval under anesthesia.
Between the 15th and 20th days of the cycle: Embryology work.

Fresh Embryo Transfer will be done between the 17th and 20th days of the cycle: Embryo transfer (depends
on the maturity of the embryo). 14 days later a pregnancy test is performed.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

After egg retrieval, the patient returns home and waits 1-2 months. This technique is called freeze-all
and is applied in order for the uterus to come back to its normal state and be prepared for embryo
transfer. Also, the embryo genetic screening can be performed during this period.

The month the patient is allowed to have embryo transfer by the doctor, on the 2nd day of cycle the
patient starts taking medication (estrofem, coraspin, vitamins – all prescribed by the doctor). 14th day of
cycle the patient must be present at the clinic for examination. Between 17th and 20th days of the cycle:
Embryo transfer (depends on the maturity of the embryo). 14 days later a pregnancy test is performed.


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What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant With IVF?

The IVF treatment involves several steps such as; ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm retrieval,
fertilization and embryo transfer. One cycle can take around two to three week and maybe one
cycle will not be enough so more cycles may be required.
After 12 days to 2 weeks after egg retrieval, your doctor will do a blood test to find out whether
you are pregnant or not.

If you are pregnant, your doctor will refer you to prenatal care.
If you are not pregnant you will be consulted with your doctor and attempt another cycle of IVF.
The chances of getting pregnant after IVF treatment depends on the number of factors, including:
maternal age, embryo status, reproductive history, cause of infertility and lifestyle factors.
To be able to tell the best and most suitable IVF treatment plan for you, you need the best
hospital/clinic. With the help of MedAssist’s health consultants, you will find the best solution.

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What Are The Advantages Of IVF Treatment?

There are several benefits of IVF treatment. These are some of them:
– IVF has the highest success rate, which means it works while other infertility cures fail. It cures
serious problems such as; reduced ovarian reserves, blocked fallopian tubes and advanced
maternal age (mainly women who older than 40).
IVF treatment has been used since 1978. It is a proven technic and has a safe record.
– Ivf may help you diagnose fertilization problems.
– It gives hope to couples and of course most importantly a successful pregnancy and healthy
baby born.
In order to achieve these benefits, you need to find the best help. MedAssist will be the help you
need. From the beginning till the end.

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Post Hair Transplant Care

First 3 days:
– Apply ice to forehead and temples (apply it in every 2 hours for 10 minutes). Don’t apply ice
directly to the transplantation area/on the eyelid.
– Don’t enter any sexual intercourse.

First 5 days:
– Don’t drink alcohol (you will be taking antibiotics).
– Don’t smoke.
– Wear the sports band all the time, except applying ice.
– Sleep on your back. You will need a high or double pillow.
– Drink enough water.
– Don’t eat salty food.

First 10 days:
– Don’t engage in heavy body activity. Don’t bend over to the floor. Don’t lift heavy things
from the floor.
– After the last (special washing) day, you can wear a bandana, sports hat.
– After the last day of washing, you can comb your hair.
– After the last day of washing, you should start massage your head, daily, with your fingertips.

First Month:
– Don’t enter any pools, bathhouses, solariums or sauna.
– Protect your head from sunlight.
– After one month, you may apply PRP, Mesotherapy or any other treatment that your doctor
recommends in order to feed your existing hair.
– Do not get a haircut.

First 3 Months:
– Don’t die your hair or use any other chemical applications.
– After 3 months, hair growth period starts. Small rashes may occur, if this happens please
consult your doctor.

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IVF Treatment Clinics In Istanbul, Turkey

IVF is the procedure to treat infertility. IVF has several steps which are; ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer. These steps, it is called “one cycle” of IVF may take about two to three weeks. But one cycle may not be enough, so more cycles may be required.

Due to this reason, it is important to find the best place for your own reason. Istanbul is heaven for all IVF treatment seekers. There are many clinics and hospitals specialized in the IVF treatment. Doctors are very high skilled and treatment centers have international operating standards. As MedAssist, we’ve partnered with all the best IVF treatment clinics and hospitals in Istanbul and we have the widest doctor network.

Many of our patients start by asking for the best IVF treatment clinic, but as we said before it may be a long process. Therefore, the most important thing is to find that place you trust, believe and feel comfortable with. MedAssist will help you to find that place. You need the best advisor to get to the best treatment and as MedAssist, we provide you that. We care and we cure.

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How to wash your head after Hair Transplant?

The first wash should be done in the hospital/clinic. The purpose of washing is to reduce the risk of infection and relieve the head. The washing should be regularly done for the next 10 days.

The instruction for 10 days after the operation as follows:

First Wash:
On the next days after the operation, washing process will be held by the nurses.

Second Wash:
The moisturizer/lotion that is recommended by your doctor for you should be applied to the area. After applying it with sensitive care, you should wait for 15 minutes without touching. Clean it with warm water, very slowly. Pour the shampoo to your hand and put the foam you prepared on your head gently. Do not use your nails. Do not rub and scrub. Wash the donor area and apply massage with shampoo. Then clean the shampoo with warm water.

3rd to 8th Wash:
Once every day, repeat the second day wash.

9th to 10th Wash:
Apply the moisturizer before washing for 1 hour. After, wash it with shampoo and apply small touches and massage the planted area. Then clean it with water.

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Best IVF Treatment Doctors In Istanbul, Turkey

IVF is a complex series of procedures for the people who cannot have babies naturally. The IVF treatment is the most succesfull form of assisted reproductive technology. IVF treatment can be done by using your own eggs and partner’s sperm. Or IVF may involve other people’s (anonymous) eggs, sperm or embryos.

Your doctor will help you understand about IVF, what you should/shouldn’t do, the potential risks and whether this method is right for you. Therefore it is crucial to have the right doctor.

MedAssist has special agreements with the best hospitals, the best surgeons and internationally recognized facilities in Istanbul. Our medical consultants offer not only their professional opinion but also are present during your treatment period, from diagnosis to after-care. You may and will have questions during the hard path that you and your loved ones will hopefully overcome and MedAssist will be with you 24/7.

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How long is recovery after from Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasties are usually common and easily completed procedures. Every nose is unique so there is not a single time of recovery like a hair transplant or an eye surgery. Were you able to breathe normally? Did you have trouble sleeping? Did you have septum deviation or was the amount of cartilage in your nose enough for the procedure? There are many different questions that result in different recovery periods after rhinoplasty but of course, we can make generalizations.

Usually, the patient stays at the hospital for 1 night after a regular rhinoplasty surgery. At some complicated septoplasties where the nose is blocked by bone and cartilage, the patient is expected to stay at the hospital for 2 days for changing the wound’s dressing and regular doctor visits. After 1 or 2 nights, the patient is discharged, ready to get on with a normal life. The wound inside the nose is expected to heal after a week but once the tampons are removed, the quality of life increases instantly.

After 2 weeks, most of the swelling and bruising resolves but doctors say it takes around 3 to 6 months for the nose to settle into its new shape. After a year, patients’ new nose is fully healed. The most painful process is the first couple of days like most plastic surgeries, the result can be seen instantly and there are usually no limitations about daily routines.

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What is the best age to get Laser Eye Surgery?

The eye is a changing and evolving organ. If a person is far-sighted or near-sighted; their prescription changes over the years. Especially during puberty, the eye glasses used changes more often. There is not a “defined best age” to get laser eye surgery.

Lasik is not approved for people under 18 years in many countries unless there is an emergency. It is most commonly performed between ages 20 and 40 but advised by ophthalmologists after mid-twenties; once the eye prescription is stable for a few years.

There are few determining factors to have laser eye surgery. The cornea of the person should be suitable. The eyes should be in a good condition, not too dry from using too much contact lenses. The eye prescription should not be too low or too high. Your surgeon would inform you about the suitability of your eye but it is a very common procedure with very high success rates.

Key is to wait until your eye stabilizes at a certain degree, preferably 2 years. The second half of twenties are commonly preferred before the eyes start to change around 40. People with older age prefer mono-or-tri focal lenses where a lens is inserted into the eye and frees the patient from all eye-glasses.

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