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What is the best age to get Laser Eye Surgery?

The eye is a changing and evolving organ. If a person is far-sighted or near-sighted; their prescription changes over the years. Especially during puberty, the eye glasses used changes more often. There is not a “defined best age” to get laser eye surgery.

Lasik is not approved for people under 18 years in many countries unless there is an emergency. It is most commonly performed between ages 20 and 40 but advised by ophthalmologists after mid-twenties; once the eye prescription is stable for a few years.

There are few determining factors to have laser eye surgery. The cornea of the person should be suitable. The eyes should be in a good condition, not too dry from using too much contact lenses. The eye prescription should not be too low or too high. Your surgeon would inform you about the suitability of your eye but it is a very common procedure with very high success rates.

Key is to wait until your eye stabilizes at a certain degree, preferably 2 years. The second half of twenties are commonly preferred before the eyes start to change around 40. People with older age prefer mono-or-tri focal lenses where a lens is inserted into the eye and frees the patient from all eye-glasses.

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What can you not do after Rhinoplasty treatment?

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that the patient undergoes in an operating room, fully sedated. So there are some crucial points one needs to watch out after the operation and in following days. The patients stays usually 1 night at the hospital and since there may be feeling of nausea after the sedation, rhinoplasty patients need to take it slow for a few days after the treatment. Using cold press as much as possible and keeping your head high would help with swelling.

The first week is the hardest period because there may be some bruising and/or swelling after the operation, especially around the eyes. It is advised to plan a light social week after the surgery. The splint is removed within the first week of the surgery so if the patient has no bruising or swelling, there are no visible signs of the surgery but if there are, they are healed after 2 weeks. It is advised still to keep daily activities slow and wait until the end of first month to do cardiovascular activities.

Doctors advise to start wearing glasses after 6-8 weeks, depending on the difficulty level of the rhinoplasty and the nose and cartilage within the bone. The first few weeks after the operation the bones are still settling so it is important not to use heavy eye glasses or blow your nose too hard. The swollen nasal tissues may create an urge to blow your nose but resist that urge as much as possible. A new nose will bring a new appearance, possibly self-confidence and a fresh breath. If the nose is well taken care of after the rhinoplasty treatment, the patient will definitely be more than happy with the result.

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What is the best Obesity Surgery to lose weight?

Obesity is a global health problem and more people are affected by obesity every day. There are multiple number of solutions to obesity but one’s best solution may not be suitable for another. The metabolic components such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, productive problems for young females or knee problems for elders may be defining factors for surgeries.

The first parameter to see if a patient is suitable for obesity surgery is their BMI (body mass index). If your BMI is under 25, you are in “normal weight” limits are not suitable for any kind of obesity surgery. If your BMI is between 26-30, you are “overweight” but advised to lose weight by dietary restrictions and increasing exercise and body movement. BMI 31-35 with metabolic problems mentioned above needs to be considered carefully by a bariatric surgeon IF the patient is found suitable for a surgery. Stomach botox or stomach balloon are most common type of surgeries for this category.

Type 2 Obesity is a category with BMI 36-40 where there is almost no contradiction about the need of a surgery. Again stomach botox or stomach balloon may be suitable depending on many different factors such as gender, age, metabolism, etc… Botox or balloon are usually effective for 6 months and may need a second injection or a removal, so these are temporary solutions with an expiry date.

Patients with BMI 41-50 definitely need operation but stomach botox and/or balloon will not be enough to lose weight. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric by-pass or transit bi-partition operations are some of the surgical solutions for these patients. These are serious surgical procedures which will require a life style change afterwards. Some of these procedures mean the changing of digestive system and how each organ works.

There is NOT a simple best obesity surgery to lose weight. Each person is different and should definitely consult with a professional before making a decision.

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How long is recovery after from Eye Surgery?

There are different types of eye surgery. The procedures differ as well as the recovery times. There are very simple procedures such as laser eye surgery or cataract where the patient is “outpatient” which means they walk in and out of the hospital within the same day. Laser or cataract procedures take about 15 minutes and they are treated in half a day. When that is the case, there are a couple of eye drops to use for the following days and weeks but the recovery is much shorter than other eye surgeries.

Glaucoma, commonly known as eye pressure is also very common and easily treated but has a longer recovery period. After a certain age, one starts to use reading glasses and usually has trouble seeing far distances. When astigmatism comes on top of myopia and hyper myopia, the use of eye-glasses really affects the life quality. Tri-focal lens insertions frees patients from all glasses and has a very short recovery period. The regular uses of eye drops are crucial for the healing process but thinking about getting rid of all glasses, what are a few drops every now and then?

There are so many types of other eye surgeries from vitrectomy to bionic eye, from the fixing of eye muscles to correct cross-eyes to heal lazy eyes; it is hard and not advisable to generalize recovery periods. The technology has improved so much in the last years and effected eye treatments so immensely that it takes usually couple of hours in the hospital to complete most eye treatments and cure vision-related problems. The most important aspect is being punctual at eye drops and watch out for dust-like small particles.

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Medical Travel Agency in Istanbul

Turkey has become a medical tourism hub with its excellence in health services. There are internationally recognized and JCI accredited hospitals, excellent clinics and health-care facilities in Istanbul. Preparing a treatment plan for an international patient is very important and detailed. From getting a right diagnosis to finding a right medical facility, from arranging the medical staff to organizing the whole trip to Istanbul; there are different steps.

Medical Travel Agencies in Istanbul does all the planning but of course, some are better than others. As the best medical travel agency with the widest network and the highest service level, MedAssist provides you with a treatment plan, take you from the airport the moment you set foot on Istanbul and take care of the rest. MedAssist works with all the best clinics and hospitals and our medical consultant team operates 7/24. Also, since MedAssist is a certified tourism agency from the government, we offer the best hotel deals and arrange your transportation as part of our health and medical tourism services.

Our call center has professional medical consultants and as you decide to work with us, a specific consultant is assigned to you who will eventually become your best friend in Istanbul. They will become your personal assistant answering any question you may have. Our aim at MedAssist is to become a trusted friend and a qualified organizer because what you need from a medical travel agency is that. They need to be professional and trusted.

By having the widest network of hospitals in Istanbul, MedAssist provides the right treatment plan at the best time with the most affordable prices. And as MedAssist is a certified tourism agency from the government, we offer the best hotel deals and arrange your transportation as part of our health and medical tourism services.

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