Transgender Top Surgery in Istanbul

Mastectomy, also known as transgender top surgery, is very often the first step for female-to-male transgender patients. There are different techniques performed for starting the transition process towards physical manhood and bilateral mastectomy is the most common one.

In order to have a masculine chest, unwanted breast tissue is removed with milk ducts and excess skin, while the nipples are properly placed and sized. Top surgery is a cosmetic surgery supported with hormone therapy and is very often the beginning of changing the patients’ appearance to become male.

The success rates are remarkably high and top surgery patients are usually very satisfied with the results. This procure is permanent, the actual breast tissue is removed altogether, so the breasts will not grow back in the time of it the patient gains weight.

Patients undergoing transgender top surgery physically recover quickly and their self-esteem improve significantly. There is greater coherence between how you look outside and how you feel inside after the procedure which directly improves patients’ social life. MedAssist works with the best Top Surgeons in Istanbul who are internationally recognized.

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