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Eye Treatment

Eye Treatment

Healthy eyes help us see a better world. Medicine provides a wide range of solutions to different ophthalmologic problems. MedAssist can help you book a standard laser procedure or a complicated bionic eye surgery.

Eyes age as we age and eye related problems such as cataract, glaucoma, oculoplastic surgeries or corneal diseases are very easy to solve. A general eye examination could help you diagnose your problem. MedAssist will be there to solve it!


If you have cataract, it is possible to have a clear vision. Newborn babies, diabetics’ patients, people who have physical injuries in the eye of people using cortisone for long periods can suffer from cataract as well as people with age. It is simply the loss of transparency of the natural lens that enables seeing. In other words, if you have cataract, your vision becomes blurry as if you are looking behind a steamed glass.

Cataract can only be treated with surgery but it is a very simple procedure and patients go home after 30 minutes of operation. In cataract surgery, quality of the lenses put into the eye determine the quality of vision and success of the operation. MedAssist’s partners offer advanced solutions and excellent services to you and your loved ones.

“Bladeless surgery” is also an option for the treatment of cataract!

Perfect Vision is Possible!

If you want to remove you eye glasses from your life entirely, it is possible. A life without your glasses or contact lenses is possible with intraocular lens implants. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are cured along with cataract using advanced technology lens implants. Entry into the patient’s eye is made through a very small incision and the natural lens is extracted.A new lens suitable for the inner structure of the eye is placed to improve the patient’s vision, and the operation is completed without any stitches. Unless there is a special necessity, the patient is not required to stay at the hospital following the surgery, which is performed with topical (eye drop) anesthesia.

The operated eye remains closed for one night only. The patient returns to daily life following the doctor’s examination the next day. If you have suitable eyes for the surgery, you will benefit from very good results within a few days.


Laser is the most common method in the world used in refractive surgery and in treatments of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The laser method involves cutting a thin layer on the upper surface of cornea and opening it as Valve. Eye degrees are then corrected on the cornea surface with excimer laser. You can have a clear vision in 10 minutes with laser treatment; bladeless and seamless.


The 3rd generation of laser vision correction! SMILE (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction) Laser Technology has been receiving attention as a new treatment method for patients with myopia, astigmatism and dry eyes. SMILE laser technology is producing great results even in severe cases of myopia and astigmatism. Patients experiencing problems with dry eyes can now be treated safely with this method.


Known as “eye pressure”, glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged by the increase in intraocular pressure. Vision of the person slowly decreases and is recognized only in last phases, it may lead to unrepairable damages on optic nerve if it is diagnosed in its later stages.

Glaucoma is caused by age, genetics, smoking, diabetes, long lasting cortisone treatment and eye injuries. It is important to have regular checkups and eye examinations for early detection. After diagnosed with glaucoma, a life-long control is necessary since this disease cannot be treated completely. Glaucoma is treated with medications, surgery or laser methods. Glaucoma surgeries need to be practiced in operation rooms designed with latest technology by using laser devices.

Other eye diseases such as retinal diseases, oculoplastic surgeries that offer a wide range of aesthetic solutions around the eye and the eye lids, keratoplasty and related corneal diseases, prosthetic eye and ocular oncology are other areas where MedAssist and its partners can offer you range of solutions and professional treatments.

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I had a nose job. Was so scared before but Medassist team calmed me down and found the best doctor.
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Medassist was amazing! They welcomed me at the airport and took care of me throughout the whole journey.
Emila, 27
I was so nervous because having obesity surgery is really dangerous. But the hospital, doctors and whole Medassist team was extremely helpful.
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