Why Turkey?

Magical, Eclectic, Hospitable

At the heart of two continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a truly unique travel experience. For thousands of years, these lands harbored different civilizations and cultures. Hospitality, caring culture, warm climate and excellence at medical practices makes Turkey the right destination for your medical travel. World class service levels, highest quality facilities, best doctors at JCI accredited hospitals and clinics will offer you quality, comfort and care. Istanbul will fascinate you with its history, geography, with Bosporus and beauty.

You can see historical figures from the Roman Empire or you can look for traces of the Silk Road. As the European Capital of Culture, Istanbul is world’s fifth most popular tourist destination. Istanbul is a hub between East and West as one of the fastest growing metropolitan economies in the world. Travelling to Istanbul, exploring the city and having your medical needs taken care by MedAssist will be a journey will want to repeat.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has become a booming sector in Turkey, with 700,000 people visiting the country in 2017. I n 2008, Turkey hosted 75,000 visitors for medical tourism. The figure has increased tenfold in 10 years. In 2018, the number is expected to approach to a million visitors. Many people come to Turkey due to the cost, quality, waiting period and facilities in the healthcare sector. Turkey provides better quality treatment at lower costs when compared to Europe, the U.S. and other western countries. Some surgeries are 90 percent cheaper than other countries.

In Turkey patients’ waiting time was a maximum of two weeks excluding transplantation, but this process could reach 18 months in western countries. Visitors come to Turkey mostly from Europe, Gulf Countries, Russia and Turkic Republics and they usually choose Istanbul, the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya and the capital Ankara.

Turkey is ranked third in medical tourism by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) after US and South Korea. The goal is to host two million visitors for health tourism by 2023.

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Customer Reviews

I had a nose job. Was so scared before but Medassist team calmed me down and found the best doctor.
Arif, 32
Istanbul was amazing. Went there for hair transplant. There was no pain at all and had the chance to travel the city at the same time.
Khalil, 42
Medassist was amazing! They welcomed me at the airport and took care of me throughout the whole journey.
Emila, 27
I was so nervous because having obesity surgery is really dangerous. But the hospital, doctors and whole Medassist team was extremely helpful.
Aisha, 37
You can trust Medassist with your all your hearth. I used to hate the way I look. Now, I just love myself.
Elife, 33
They welcomed me at the airport with a really nice car. So professional and well organized.
Ali, 38
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